Our method

The exclusive method of Luxembourgeois.net© was created specifically to address the problems encountered by students of Luxembourgish.

Evening classes offered by language schools can facilitate the learning of a foreign language, as they allow constructive interaction among learners.
Unfortunately, many people do not feel comfortable speaking in public and are never called upon to do so. Others do not like working in groups. In addition, evening classes are often crowded and do not allow even the most motivated students to concentrate intensely. The pace of learning is often limited and inflexible. Finally, the schedules imposed in the evening, after a day’s work and the necessary commute, do not aid student concentration.
Furthermore, teachers are rarely trained in active tuition and do not know how to manage and lead a group. They usually take their cue from manuals and limit themselves to reading out what these manuals propose. The fact is using textbooks does not provide any guidelines or allow a key skills approach. Teaching is not just a question of reading out a lesson! Lesson objectives are never mentioned and summary sheets are practically nonexistent. Learning can be summarized as "lessons of things" which are not connected to each other. Often, lessons in textbooks are unstructured and teach a multitude of skills without any framework. The learner is drowned in information and eventually gives up.
The alternative, online courses, are disappointing. They are too often limited to automated lessons and standardised exercises. There is little room for personalised teaching and no opportunity for individual interaction between student and teacher.
The exclusive Luxembourgeois.net© method offers active tuition based on the acquisition of key skills. A skills-oriented approach such as this provides a set of guidelines and enables learning to be structured.
The prerequisites are systematically reviewed before the start of each lesson. Objectives and skills to be achieved and acquired, as well as the knowledge and techniques for each session, are predefined. Exercises are differentiated and a summary sheet is used to encapsulate and structure the lesson’s core teachings. The vocabulary learned is confined to the topics covered in each lesson. The teacher regularly evaluates the skills acquired by the learner and ensures a personalised follow-up.
Finally, refocusing tuition on the learner’s specific needs, the learner is in a distance learning mode, always face to face with a qualified and experienced teacher. This allows real interaction, relevant lessons, accurate assessments, questions and answers, and corrections in real time. Teaching takes on a human face again, with the new communication technologies at its service.
This methodology has delivered proven results. Here, the tuition has been adapted for adult learners.
The Luxembourgeois.net© organization enables its students to choose their lesson dates and times, with unlimited frequency, whenever they feel in the best learning mood. Remote teaching such as this offers flexibility but without sacrificing personal tuition: the student takes each lesson individually with a designated teacher solely in two-way communication mode. 

Our exclusive method is such a success that we are now limited to 15 new registrations per month.



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