Method exclusive method is based on an innovative technology and a "Common Base of Knowledge and Skills" educational sytem wich is recognized all over Europe for its proven ability to provide better learning


We offer you a unique formule:
- Individual lessons, wherever you go: Full 60-min courses, on a landline, a mobile phone or via video conference (web connexion necessary), as you progress from your office, on a business trip, your vacation spot, or simply from the comfort of your home.
- An appointed and experienced teacher: Our teachers are native speakers with a solid educational background. Our clients are taught by an appointed teachers for a better follow-up of their progresses and a tailor-made tuition.
-  Tailor-made tuition: To ensure a better monitoring , students are assessed at the end of each course following a method of "Common Base of Knowledge and Skills" . The following course is then tailored according to the knowledge already acquired or that that need reviewing.
Lessons that fit your schedule: Week-Days or Week-End? Day time or evenings? Intensive or casual learning? Our teachers' plannings are available so that theirs students can book their courses online according to their own schedule.
Elaborated learning resources: A complete set of exercises in the form of printable texts and audio files to practice, revise and improve.
- Courses to suit all budgets: Sets of courses and payment terms to suit all budgets.


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